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Structural Biology Version Control System

Version control systems store numbered versions of files in an area commonly called a repository. Typical files maintained under version control include source codes, scripts, configuration files, and documents. The Structural Biology Version Contol System is based on Subversion which has an excellent on-line manual describing its use.

If you want to check out a working copy or commit changes, you'll need to use a Subversion client instead of a Web browser. Both GUI (rapidsvn) and command-line (svn) clients are installed on the Structural Biology Linux workstations. Windows users might want to install the TortoiseSVN client or the free version of SmartSVN. There are also several clients available for Mac OS X including a Subversion command-line client and SmartSVN. Let us know if you find any other clients worth mentioning here.

Please contact us if you would like to have a repository added or if you need a user account set up for you.

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